PLM Data Migration and Systems Integration

Any new system in your organisation should be able to reuse the legacy data and then integrate with legacy tools, and this area of key interest to every organisation.

Multi-CAD / PDM: Legacy and Existing data of your organisation is worth Millions, it is your knowledge base and we will migrate all the relevant data to new PLM system. This is a very complex process and we work with you closely to identify which is correct and important data for your organisation and then build automatic tools to clean the data and migrate only value added relevant data to new PLM system.


PLM – MES – ERP: Industry experts say PLM, MES and ERP systems are core for any world class manufacturing companies, but an integrated PLM-MES-ERP system is vital to gain completive advantage. This is very complex and only few companies own this integrated systems. We will help you realize this innovative Future Solution with our industry knowledge and expertise.